vendredi 12 août 2011

My Erika doll

I usually express myself in french on this blog (fortunately !) but today, I will write in english, in order to be understood by her.
So excuse my english in advance !

I got a new friend.
Her name is Erika and she comes from Budapest, Hungary.
When I first saw her here on Flickr', I instantly fell in love with this little lady and wanted to adopt her...

what a lady, isn't she ?

So I contacted her mother, Marta, and simply asked her to make the same for me.
And a few days after, my Erika was at home...

42 cm high
cotton body
merino wool hair (so sweeet !)

Erika's body is made from a modified pattern by Dorottya Winkler. Erika's hair, face and clothes are Marta's design.

I love her screwmouse profile ! It's funny because it reminds me of a former collegue, on a former job... Ohhhh, no, I'm not going to call her Carine ! It's not serious !

The dress and  the trousers are sewed to the doll
The sweater and the scarf are removable

You know what... Shhhh ! I think I prefer my Erika to Happy to see you dolls... Oh my god, forget it !

Thank you so much Marta !

You can visit Marta on her blog or on her Flickr.

Here are another dolls she made, also based on a modified Dorottya Winkler's pattern.

Not only Barbies can be pregnant !

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !